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Mushing Works Sled Dog Tours

Tokachi, East Hokkaido, Japan

Booking for 2024-2025 will be started from 1st Sep.

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Our dog sledding tours style
The tour is a completely private tour limited to one group each time.


Drive your own sled
Steer your own dog sled

With an original two-seater dog sled, everyone can fully enjoy dog sledding from start to finish.

If you are worried about driving, a guide can ride with you and help you steer.


12km, 1hour driving​
12km long course

We will run for a full hour on a course with little ups and downs made in the heavy snowfields of the Tokachi Plain.

​ You don't have to get off the sled and push up to help the dog, so you don't have to worry about your physical strength.


Siberian?.. No,
We are Alaskan Husky!
dogs are alaskan huskies

Our sled dogs are based on huskies and crossed with pointers and other dog breeds, and are called Alaskan Huskies, which are suitable for the climate of Hokkaido in winter.

​The strength and speed of these runners amaze and impress everyone.

“Dog is God.”

Reviews from guests
TripAdvisorExcerpt from


Activities unique to Hokkaido

Running in silence, with only the sound of the sledding and the breathing of the dogs, I felt as if I had somehow blended into nature.

The staff basically took pictures, so I was able to concentrate on sledding.


We had a very memorable, exciting and fun dog sledding experience with Mushing Works!

Dog sledding itself was exhilarating! The dogs were powerful as they could pull you in great speed! One hour of pure adrenaline rush!


Highly recommended for those who enjoy snow activities. The trip to Hokkaido is the most difficult and inconvenient for us, but it is extremely inconvenient due to the active time schedule. In-vehicle delivery to Shiranbetsu Lake Feng Shui Hotel). The active leader, Takeshi, is very passionate and professional, and the English language is completely incomplete. Wakana has passed through new acquisitions


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About us

Welcome to Mashing Works! We offer dog sledding tours in Shikaoi, Tokachi, Hokkaido.

Dog sledding on the Tokachi Plain, where you can see the beautiful Hidaka Mountains and Daisetsu Mountains in the distance, is a unique activity in Hokkaido.


Ever since I was little, I have dreamed of living with a dog, so I started owning a dog when I entered the workforce, and I was fascinated by all the dog sports that you can play with your dog. Over 20 years of dog breeding experience. It has been 12 years since I started dog sledding.

I spend my life learning how to convey the endless charm of dogs to everyone.

Representative Takeshi Takita

DOG SLEDDING TOUR HOKKAIDO | Mushing Works.feat Vantrip | α7sIII

DOG SLEDDING TOUR HOKKAIDO | Mushing Works.feat Vantrip | α7sIII

【PV制作ご依頼実績】 北海道のキャンピングカーツアー・レンタカーサービスを手がける「Vantrip」さんと、十勝エリア音更町にある犬ソリ体験ができる「Mushing works」さんがコラボ。犬ソリを思う存分楽しんでから、広大な敷地でキャンプを楽しめる旅行プランのPV制作をさせていただきました。 寒い日は−20℃を下回ることもある北海道十勝地方。ここで一周12kmロングトレイルの犬ぞりサービスを展開しているMushing Works Dog Sled Tourと1年に1度だけの特別な体験です。昼、夜、早朝の3本、合計36kmを滑走。暖かい日中より、犬たちが元気な寒い夜や早朝に本来の姿を見て欲しいという滝田オーナーの想いから生まれた企画です。月夜を走る犬ぞりの体験は一生忘れることはないでしょう。 旅の詳細、ご予約は下記URLをご確認下さい。 Special Thanks Mushing Works Dog Sled Tour​ 株式会社CAMP LABO 有限会社めむろプラニング Captured by Tatsuya Aoyama Keitaro Miura Location Hokkaido Shikaoi Town Insta @soracame.hokkaido.japan WEB Mirrorless camera SONY α7sIII Camera Lens TAMRON 17-28mm F2.8 SONY 70-200mm F2.8 Gimbal DJI RONIN SC Drone DJI Mavic2 pro 動画撮影・制作のお仕事依頼の連絡先 ------------------------------------------------- #dogsleeding #犬ソリ #犬動画 #cinematic #portrait #北海道動画 #ポートレイト動画 #北海道ドローン #FPVドローン #北海道マイクロドローン #北海道絶景 #北海道FPV #札幌マイクロドローン #札幌ドローン #札幌FPV #gopro #nakedgopro #サッポロッカ #レースドローン #FPVドローン #ソラカメ北海道 #soracamehokkaido #hokkaido #drone #cinematicdrone #sapporo #fpvdrone #FPV #skyzone #α7sⅲ #dji #札幌 #動画 #北海道 #hokkaido #動画制作 #旅行 #vlog #鹿追町 #sony #mushing-works #vantrip
I Stayed at Japan's BIGGEST Ice Village | -20°C in Hokkaido

I Stayed at Japan's BIGGEST Ice Village | -20°C in Hokkaido

We set off to Japan's incredible ice village on the first leg of our 1,000km Journey Across Japan! ⛩️ Journey Across Japan: Frozen Frontier will take us on a week long escape to the most far flung corner of the country. 🍿 BEHIND the scenes Patreon: 🎧 WEEKLY Podcast: 🇯🇵You can read more about our first day in Hokkaido here: 🌟 Starring: @TheAnimeMan, @PremierTwo & Natsuki 🌟 Natsuki Instagram: Cameo: 🌟 Edited by David Parish & Chris Broad 00:00 Why Travel to Japan's Far East 01:25 Japan's Most Dangerous Man 3:56 Exploring Hokkaido's Frozen Lake 8:20 Painful Dog Sledding 12:50 Eating Hokkaido's Local Pork Bowl (Butadon) 14:35 An Unconventional Japanese Hotel Room 16:40 Inside Japan's Biggest Ice Village #journeyacrossjapan **FOLLOW THE ADVENTURE** ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: @abroadinjapan **EQUIPMENT I USE** ► MAIN Camera: ► INDOOR Lens: ► OUTDOOR Lens: ► FAVOURITE Lens: ► BACKUP Camera: ► STABILISED Camera: Business Enquiries: Get Holiday (7" Version) [2022 Remaster] by Madonna and over 1M + mainstream tracks here License ID: 65Q7dj5yZ43!Abroad+in+Japan

Contact us
Please feel free to contact us

〒081-0341 31-25 Urimakunishi, Shikaoi-cho, Kato-gun, Hokkaido | 080-3232-8119


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