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About our tour​

  • DRIVE YOUR OWN TEAM of Alaskan Huskies. Let us show you the thrill of Mushing behind a team of eager Alaskan Huskies with our guide.

  • First of all, Communication and Physical contact with dogs is very important. And FEEL THE EXCITEMENT as the team is hooked up, you are already a friend of them.

  • You are given instruction on how to drive a dog sled. The team of dogs are enthusiastic and ready to go. Just tag along behind a guide’s snowmobile. You will take off at pace along trails through the field with a guide.

  • During the tour, Your guide will shoot a photograph and a movie of you. We can copy these photos and movie to your iPhone by AirDrop. We can also copy these to USB memory and SD card too. Don't forget to bring memory device!

  • Our trail is more than 10km long!

  • Enjoy a long distance ride by dog sled with a team of huskies along our scenic 12km backcountry trail.

  • We make every effort to construct a trail with varied scene: across the ancient snowfields, among conifer trees, along the river.

  • Original dog sled 2 guests ride on
    Two can enjoy the ride with our original two seater sled.  It is suitable for two adults with one lap small child

  • Your member are more than 3 people, You can switch the driver freely on the way. We often stop for short rest. 

  • Feel dog power, speed, stamina of Alaskan husky

  • The Alaskan Husky is a mix breeded; blend of various Huskies, Pointers, and Northern breeds, chosen particularly for skills such as pulling, speed, and distance abilities. We have started training on a longer trail day by day since September.

  • The strength of the dogs and their capability to pull the sled at high speed in the varied terrain, the crisp climate and stunning surroundings all gives the visitor a thrill never forgotten!

For more information about the tour and us, please visit our blog.

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